Real-time RF/DSP Hardware

Our systems can be made to run in real-time with real RF signals using existing real-time RF hardware developed at EURECOM (we like to stress that we provide a lot more than simulation and emulation environments!). We can make equipment available to project partners who are agree to our terms, and in general are very pleased to go out of our way to do this.

The use of several bands is possible for expermentation in France through a request to the French regulatory body (ARCEP). Currently, we have an allocation for experimentation in the following ranges :

- 800 MHz with 5 MHz channels

- 1.9 GHz with 5 MHz channel

-  at 2.6 GHz with 20 MHz channels (precisely at 2650-2670 MHz for the Downlink and 2570-2590 MHz for the Uplink).


Acquiring Our Equipment

As mentioned above, several partners in the various projects for which this hardware was developed have acquired the equipment for their own internal needs (we make sure that the equipment is not used for profit-making activities through usage agreements) and in some instances have contributed to the source code development. As a general rule, we are quite happy to go out of our way to provide people with experimental equipment, as long as they don't expect too much support from us. Hopefully the OpenAirInterface Forum will help make this a bit task a little bit easier for us. If anybody is willing to pay us for personalised support, we'd be happy to arrange that too ...