Key areas of research

Although OAI is now a collaborative effort spanning the globe, EURECOM will remain the driving force behind the OpenAirInterface Software Alliance and will lead in the definition of its scientific strategy. The primary future objective is to use OAI to foster innovation in the 5G standardization process and to bring the academic world closer to 3GPP.  We aim first to consolidate relationships through the OAI Software Alliance with national partners (e.g. ALU, Orange, Ercom, B-COM, CEA-List, CEA-Leti, IMT) through project funding programs like FUI from the ministry of Industry, or the ANR programs from the ministry of research.  In addition, we aim to make OAI technology available to small enterprises to accelerate development of 3GPP-based systems in France with the help of FUI and other similar projects. The European dimension aims at partnerships within European Framework programme (H2020 and Celtic+) and we target collaboration with the best research institutes (e.g. Fraunhofer, IMST, TNO, etc.).  Several such labs are already using the software and building projects with us at the European level to benefit from it. We expect to play a significant role in the second phase of the 5GPPP.

These are the key areas of the lab along with current partnerships are summarized as: