Our partners

The Software Radio activity at EURECOM has been developed in the framework of several publicly-funded projects (regional, french and european projects) and thanks to the collaboration with many partners. Among the partners, we can distingish :

  • Direct contributors: they were involved in the development of the activity in the frame of collaborative projects. For example, Telecom ParisTech has been involved in the development of our Hardware solutions and develops a generic hardware and software architecture dedicated to data flow application like Software Defined Radio (SDR), image processing, network processing, security,... (see http://embb.telecom-paristech.fr/).
  •  Partners in collaborative projects: From the begining of the Software Radio activity at EURECOM , we have contributed to many french and eurropean projects. As as consequence, we had (and we still have) many partners, so it is impossible to make an exhaustive list here. We have decided to list some of them, in order to show the diversity of our partners around Europe....
  •  Partners involved in direct collaboration: In the frame of the development of the OpenAirInterface platform, we have direct collaboration with partners specifically interested by the functionnalities available on the platform. Agilent China has developed the Real time communication between ExpressMIMO2 and commercial LTE equipment. They did the first demonstration in which OAI communicates with a commercial LTE equipment ! Lime Microsystems is provides us a key element of the platform, namely the transceiver. A special thanks to them for their amazing technical support !  SFR used to be our main partner in the development of the MIMO Channel Sounder.


  •  Funding partners: a large part of the development is done in the context of collaborative research projects that are publicly-funded.(regional, french and european projects) . Our main sponsors are :
  • Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) from EC, the FRENCH DGE and the "'Agence nationale de la recherche", especially through the LABEX UCN:



  •  CELTIC+  and FEDER:



  • The "Région PACA" and the "pole de compétitivité SCS" from the French Riviera area: