Our projects

Openair5GLAB@EURECOM provides truly open-source solutions for prototyping 5th Generation Mobile Networks and devices. Historically, the development of our open-source solutions started with the RNRT 2000 projects PLATON and ERMITAGES in the French context, and with the IST project MOBYDICK in the European context. In the framework of those 3 projects, we have developed the first hardware components and the first software modules (PHY/MAC/RRC). After this first generation of projects, we have used the previous results to :

  • Enhance the functionalities the platform (RNRT2002 RHODOS, IST E2R)
  • Develop new research themes, by using the platform as a validation tool for All-IP Wireless Networking, Radio Resource Management and Real-time Radio Signal Processing.

 From this period, the same strategy has been used to develop the so-called "OpenAirInterface program" : on the one hand some projects to enhance and update the platform itself, and on the other hand some projects that use the available platform to validate new research for wireless systems.  The projects from 2004 to 2005 addressed mainly the topics of All-IP Wireless Networking, Radio Resource Management and Real-time Radio Signal Processing. From 2006, new themes of research were developed in the frame of OpenAirInterface.

In 2015, EURECOM has created the OpenAirInterface (OAI) Software Alliance (OSA), a separate legal entity from EURECOM, which aims to provide a similar ecosystem for the core (EPC) and access-network (EUTRAN) of 3GPP cellular systems with the possibility of interoperating with closed-source equipment in either portion of the network. In addition to the huge economic success of the open-source model, the Alliance will be a tremendous tool used by both industry and academia. In  the frame of EURECOM, the open-source activity is known has openair5GLAB@EURECOM :

The projects around openair5GLAB@EURECOM are conducted jointly by 2 groups :

  • The Advanced Wireless Technologies group explores ideas emanating from fundamental research within Eurecom and community at large which have concrete applications scenarios, in particular related to broadband cellular and public-safety networks. We strive to bring ideas to life through experimentation with both real-time RF prototypes and scalable emulation and simulation platforms. The current projects of the group are described here : http://www.eurecom.fr/cm/node/26
  • The Wireless Systems and Protocols Group addresses “upper layers” of Mobile Communications Systems (above PHY).It also supports the OpenAirInterface Protocols development (real time and emulation experimental platforms)The current projects of the group are described here :  http://www.eurecom.fr/cm/wireless-systems-and-protocols/research-projects